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  Volume 1, Issue 2

A Hand in Research:
From CSU classroom to Cleveland Clinic Hand Lab, doctoral student Joe Gabra is fulfilling a lifelong dream

"Usually I would sit quietly at a desk in the corner and draw, but sometimes a professor would really engage me in the learning experience by letting me do experiments." Joseph Gabra describes his childhood memories at CSU as his mother earned her chemical engineering degree. Read More


Workshops and activities are offered in central campus locations to make it convenient to those who want to participate in our activities. The Graduate Student Resource Center welcomes graduate student and faculty input related to all of its services! Read More


Joining CSU graduate faculty in 2012, Don Allensworth-Davies traded the Atlantic Ocean for Lake Erie and finds himself feeling right at home at CSU with a mix of students very similar to those he taught at Boston University. Read More


Knowing it's never too late to return to school and feeling empowered by her employer-paid tuition benefit, Francesca Ann Margaret Logterman completes this final semester in her journey to earn a master's degree. Will a doctorate degree be the next chapter in her story? Read More


When is bad writing better than no writing at all? "When you write, write it all out badly, summarize, and put that summary at the top of the document to steer the reader. Now you have a starting point," Dr. Mary M. McDonald advises graduate students daily. Read More


Five years since its inception, MAGI remains the only program in northeast Ohio designed to meet the growing demand for commercial, political and economic global experts. With a total of 44 graduates, the interdisciplinary graduate program has exceeded expectations. Read More


Cleveland State University is once again ranked among the best colleges and universities in the nation in two separate higher-education surveys conducted by U.S. News & World Report and Forbes. Read More


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