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Dear Students:

We hope you are safe and healthy during this difficult time. As announced last week, the university has given you the option of taking your courses Pass/Fail this spring term. We want you to make an informed decision regarding this option, and want you to know there is significant faculty and staff support available to assist you.

  • Whether you choose the Pass/Fail option or not, you must keep working on your course assignments and complete the course per the syllabus. We encourage you to be patient and take the time to think about this new grade option. You have until Friday, April 24, 2020 to make this decision.
  • As you decide what option works best for you, please consult your instructor to determine where you stand in the course.
  • For assistance in determining if the Pass/Fail option works well for your major, career plans, and post-graduate plans (law school, medical school, graduate school, etc.), please contact your first-year advisor or the college advising office of your major.  If you are an athlete, honors student, or an international student, we also encourage you to contact those offices. Graduate students should contact their department graduate coordinator.
  • We have created two FAQs (one for undergraduate students and one for graduate students) to help you make the decision regarding the Pass/Fail option. Click here for the list of courses that are exempt from the Pass/Fail option. The Pass/Fail procedure document can also be found here.
  • To choose the Pass/Fail option, go to the Grades link from the Student Tab in CampusNet and select Spring 20. On this page, you will find the link to the Spring 2020 COVID-19 Semester Grading Basis Request. Complete all requested information on the form provided, including course details, by no later than April 24, 2020. If you change your mind, you can also use this form to rescind an earlier request to utilize the Pass/Fail option.

I wish you a successful completion of the semester.


John P. Holcomb, Jr., Ph.D.

Interim Vice Provost for Academic Programs
Cleveland State University

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