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Remote Learning Update

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Operating Status
Campus: Remote work will continue for all staff and faculty until further notice; only designated essential employees permitted on Campus
Classes: Remote Learning Underway

The Lead

  • Remote teaching and learning will be extended to include all summer sessions. We will closely monitor guidance from state and federal authorities and the CDC to determine if and when select courses with a major hands-on component, such as certain labs or clinical programs, can safely be held in a face-to-face mode during summer.
  • In addition, the previously announced Pass/Fail grading option and the suspension of the academic standing policy will also be extended through summer 2020.

Student Engagement and Support

  • Nearly all pro-rated refunds for students’ housing, meal plans and parking fees for Spring Semester have been issued. Students who signed up for direct deposit can check their accounts through CampusNet for the refund amounts. Those receiving paper checks should begin to see those through the mail next week. A small number of refunds remain to be processed, so we appreciate students’ continued patience.


  • To accommodate the needs of incoming graduate students, we are making the following changes in graduate admissions for summer and fall 2020. These changes mirror similar changes previously announced for undergraduate admissions. Note that these do not apply to the College of Law. Any admissions changes at the College of Law will be announced at a later date.
    • We will waive the requirement for standardized test scores (GRE, GMAT) if an applicant is unable to provide one due to suspension of testing.
    • We will accept an unofficial transcript of undergraduate coursework and grades if an applicant is not able to provide an official transcript; official transcripts will be obtained when available.
    • If international applicants are unable to provide TOEFL or IELTS scores, we will accept alternative means to show English-language proficiency, such as completion of an online language program.


Questions we’re receiving:

  • If I want a traditional letter grade rather than the new pass/fail option, do I need to take any action?
    No. Students who want to elect Pass/Fail must opt-in by the April 24 deadline. All other students will receive traditional letter grades and don’t need to take any action.
  • How long will remote teaching and learning continue?
    We have extended remote teaching and learning to include all summer courses. We are closely monitoring guidance from state and federal authorities and the CDC to determine when face-to-face coursework on campus can safely resume.
  • I have an off-site clinical placement this summer – will I be able to take part?
    Participation in clinical placements for summer will depend on guidance from public health officials, the status of the partnering institution and other factors. Please consult your program director or college/school advising office for specific guidance.
  • Do I need a GRE or GMAT score to apply for a graduate program?
    No. Because most standardized testing is shut down do to COVID-19, we will waive the requirement for a GRE or GMAT score for summer and fall 2020 admissions.
  • What kinds of services are available through the CSU Counseling Center?
    The Counseling Center offers a range of services, including crisis counseling, individual and couples counseling, career counseling, group therapy and psychiatric services. They also offer outreach programs on topics including stress management, interpersonal skill building, effective communication and more. More information can be found here.
  • What services are being provided by the Rec Center? How can I access them?
    Students, faculty and staff can access an array of opportunities to stay fit and healthy from home through Virtual Rec! Options include pre-recorded at-home workouts, live virtual fitness classes, yoga and personal training, health and wellness presentations and Esports leagues. More details are here.

To see Coronavirus FAQs, visit our website at www.csuohio.edu.

 Other Resources 

For more information about the coronavirus and the latest CDC updates and recommended protocols, please visit the CDC site at https://www.cdc.gov/media/dpk/diseases-and-conditions/coronavirus/coronavirus-2020.html.


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