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CSU Completed $24 Million Ohio Third Frontier Grant

Professor Duffy's Work Recognized by International Forum

Attend the Research Poster Session on September 4th

Featured Researcher
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CSU Scholar News

PCard for Faculty with Research Funding

CSU Research Corporation

News from the Technology Transfer Office

CSU Completed $24 Million
Ohio Third Frontier Grant

Sensor technology development partners in the Wright Center for Sensor Systems Engineering (WCSSE) are fully operational and available to support private commercialization efforts.

CSU served as the lead grantee for the $24 million Ohio Third Frontier program that concluded this year. The program created a network of commercialization partners in Ohio with goals of reducing time to market for sensor products and supporting job creation. The collaborating institutions will continue to offer facilities to companies interested in developing sensors and systems.

A complete listing of available capabilities as well as contact information at these and other facilities can be found at www.csuohio.edu/research/wcsse and www.ohiosensors.com. Interested companies can also contact Cleveland State University's Office of Research at 216.687.9364.

Professor Duffy's Work Recognized by International Forum

In a recent grant funded by the Department of Energy, Dr. Stephen Duffy (Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering) was asked to construct probabilistic failure models that captured the unique strength behavior of isotropic and anisotropic nuclear grade graphite. As part of the same grant, inelastic stress-strain relationships (constitutive models) were developed that accounted for the complex thermo-mechanical behavior of graphite exhibited in high temperature nuclear reactors.

Over the years, Dr. Duffy has gained an international reputation in regards to the structural design and analysis of components fabricated from ceramic materials. As a result of his recent efforts with nuclear graphite and his past efforts in the field of ceramic component design, Dr. Duffy was invited to present a lecture on the statistical strength behavior of silicon carbide as well as the principles of failure probability as they apply to nuclear pebble design at the 3rd Workshop on High Temperature Gas-cooled Reactors: Silicon Carbide Material Properties sponsored by the Generation IV International Forum and the VHTR Fuel and Fuel Cycle Project Management Board. The workshop will be held on Jeju Island, South Korea, September 30 - October 1, 2014.

Attend the Research Poster Session on September 4th

The Office of Research encourages students, faculty, and staff to attend the 2014 Undergraduate Research Poster Session on Thursday, September 4, 2014, from 10am - 2pm in the Student Center Atrium. Students and faculty will discuss their research funded with a 2014 Undergraduate Summer Research Award. The Office of Research encourages undergraduate and graduate students to become actively engaged in research.

Featured Researcher Video Series

Dr. Kathie Judge's research is the focus of the latest installment of the Featured Researcher Video series. Dr. Judge is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology at Cleveland State University, and an Adjunct Senior Research Scientist at the Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging. In her research program, Dr. Judge is developing and testing innovative approaches to assisting individuals with dementia and their family caregivers.

Dr. Judge's research has been funded by the Alzheimer's Association, the National Institute on Aging, the Veteran's Administration, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare. We encourage you to learn about Dr. Judge's work, and to take a look at our previous Featured Researcher Videos.

CSU Scholar News

Dr. Ziona Austrian is the Director of the Center for Economic Development in the Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs. Dr. Austrian studies several industries and their role in the economic performance of Northeast Ohio, Ohio, and the U.S. Currently, she is studying the bioscience industry, but as with many high-tech industries the typology of the industry is complex and researchers and policy makers use different definitions of the industry.

Using interviews with individuals who are leaders in the industry throughout Ohio, Dr. Austrian and her team of researchers are developing a conceptual framework of the industry and a cluster map that includes supplier industries; core or driver industries; wholesale, distribution, and packaging; and end users. Underlying the cluster map is the industry's specialized infrastructure. The second phase of the study will measure the economic performance of the industry during the last decade in terms of employment, payroll, average wage, number of companies, and economic impact. In addition, Dr. Austrian has been studying the manufacturing industry in both Northeast Ohio and the Northern Pennsylvania region.

For the past three years, Dr. Austrian has been leading a team of researchers evaluating the anchor-based Greater University Circle Wealth Building Initiative led by the Cleveland Foundation. The Executive Summary can be found here. And last, Dr. Austrian studies entrepreneurship in the Midwest and the impact of startup companies. This research led to a co-authored chapter in The Road Through the Rust Belt: From Preeminence to Decline to Prosperity edited by Professor William Bowen from Cleveland State University and a study on the economic impact of startup companies found here.

Dr. Austrian received her Ph.D. in Economics at Case Western Reserve University. Following several years at the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland and Case Western Reserve University, Dr. Austrian began her career at CSU in 1993.


Please share with us important news or updates on your research, scholarly, or creative activities. Updates may be related to a paper that has been accepted for publication in a high-impact journal, a book you've just published, your work that will be exhibited at a prominent institution, or other updates you wish to share with our office. Send details to j.yard@csuohio.edu and c.mclennan@csuohio.edu.

PCard for Faculty with Research Funding

As part of an ongoing effort to streamline and simplify the purchasing process at CSU for faculty with external research funding, the University will allow eligible faculty to obtain a Purchase Card (PCard) as one method for making purchases. This will allow faculty to purchase high volume, low dollar items in an expedited manner. The PCard must be set up to charge the PI grant account number provided by SPRS, which is listed on the NOA (Notice of Award).

The PCard is limited to total purchases of $1,500 per day. To be eligible for a card, faculty must have a multi-year grant in which the approved total funding is $300,000 or more. Expenditures must be allowable per the terms of the grant funder and be purchased during the time period of the award. Expenses deemed unallowable or purchased past the end date will be moved to the PI's home department account. It is the responsibility of the PI to turn in the PCard to Accounts Payable on the last day of the grant. All other University policies and procedures regarding the PCard must be followed.

For more information regarding PCard access please contact your Department Chair or Dean's Office.

CSU Research Corporation

On June 11th, 2014 the annual meeting of the CSURC Board of Directors was held. Among the topics discussed were status updates regarding current sponsored research projects with industry, improved administrative efficiencies in the Office of Sponsored Programs and Research Services (SPRS), recent entrepreneurial funding initiatives, and updates on the CSURC's current patent and start-up company portfolio.

The CSU Research Corporation (CSURC) is a 501(c)(3) support organization of Cleveland State University charged with the responsibility of administering industry sponsored research agreements and is further charged with the responsibility of marketing and licensing of CSU intellectual property. The CSURC has the ability to hold equity in University spin-out companies and has more flexibility in licensing intellectual property, with the goal of easing the technology transfer process for those interested in commercializing University research.

Currently, the CSURC administers several sponsored research projects with industry. In addition, it currently holds equity in LineStream Technologies, Inc. and has entered into an Option Agreement with YST Technologies, Ltd. - two University spin-out companies.

News from the Technology Transfer Office

The Startup Vikes Event, which was held from Friday June 20 through Sunday June 22, brought together developers, designers, marketers, inventors and startup enthusiasts to share ideas, form teams, develop product and service concepts, and launch startups. It was open to CSU students, alumni and the community. The event was sponsored by the Monte Ahuja College of Business and the local entrepreneurial community, namely Shaker LaunchHouse, JumpStart, and BABL.

Seven groups, consisting of 4-5 people in each group, participated in actual business startup plans and close to 50 people were actively engaged in supporting the groups. The groups worked tirelessly as teams, went to the marketplace to talk to 60-80 consumers to test their new business concepts. By the end of 55 hours, startup teams presented their business plan to a group of judges to win a stellar prize package. In sum, this event was truly an embodiment of Innovation, Engagement, and Impact. It appears that at least three groups are pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams and they know that CSU is there to guide them. The event will be held annually. For more information, please visit www.startupvikes.com.


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