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Professor Anton Komar Receives $240,000
NSF Grant

Meet CSU's New Faculty

Featured Researcher
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CSU Scholar News

News from the Technology Transfer Office

USRA, DRA, FRD, and FSI Funding

EngagedScholarship@CSU Joins SHARE Notification System

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Professor Anton Komar
Receives $240,000 NSF Grant

Prof. Anton Komar from the Department of Biological, Geological and Environmental Sciences received a $240,000 grant from the National Science Foundation for "A Racially and Ethnically Inclusive Graduate Education Model in Biology, Chemistry and Engineering." Prof. Komar's grant is part of a $3.5 million collaboration with Case Western Reserve University, Kent State University, the University of Akron, the University of Toledo, Youngstown State University, and Bowling Green State University. The grant includes strategic alliances with Central State University and Tuskegee University to develop, implement, and study a model to improve under-represented minority student participation, preparation, and success in graduate education, and to prepare them for entry into the professoriate in biology, chemistry, or engineering. The grant provides prestigious and generous scholarships to minority graduate students.

Prof. Komar's project will contribute to foundational knowledge about the recruitment, retention, and graduation of minority doctoral students. The emphasis on inclusive graduate education, an umbrella of support for graduate students, and extensive diversity training for faculty and staff, offers an exceptional opportunity for a regional group of universities with low minority doctoral student enrollment to investigate the promotion of inclusive policies, practices and initiatives. The lessons learned as the project progresses, and the ultimate results from the project, will provide information that will be beneficial to educators, administrators, policymakers, and the general public.

Meet CSU's New Faculty

Prof. Tushar Borkar, assistant professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, received his Ph.D. from the University of North Texas in 2013 and joined CSU in fall 2015. Prof. Borkar's research focuses on metallic and composite materials for aerospace, energy, and biomedical applications. His research includes the development of new types of materials, including metal alloys and metal matrix composites. He develops these materials using novel tools such as 3D printing (that is, additive manufacturing). His goal is to understand the mechanisms and phase transformations that govern microstructural evolution and property relationships in complex, multi-phase, multi-component materials.

Prof. Borkar's research focuses on the development of biomaterials and structural materials using additive manufacturing, as well as the development of new methods to improve the versatility of additive manufacturing. Unlike conventional manufacturing, which relies on material removal methods, additive manufacturing uses incremental deposition. Additive manufacturing involves layer-by-layer shaping and consolidation of powder feedstock using computer-controlled lasers. Current research in additive manufacturing focuses on the production of complex shapes of metals, alloys, and metal matrix composites to meet demanding requirements from the aerospace, defense, automotive, and biomedical industries. Additive manufacturing is comprised of a comprehensive integration of materials science, mechanical engineering, and laser technology, and is an important revolution in the manufacturing industry.

Featured Researcher Video Series - Chris Mallett

Research by Prof. Chris Mallet is the focus of the latest installment of the Featured Researcher Video series.

Prof. Mallet is licensed in Ohio as a social worker and attorney, and has a long history of working with, advocating for, and representing vulnerable children, adolescents, and their families. His research and scholarship focuses on disability law, juvenile delinquency, young people in the juvenile justice system, school discipline protocols, the impact of mental health disorders, substance abuse, special education disabilities, trauma, and maltreatment. As a nationally-known consultant for juvenile courts, school districts, and children's service agencies, Prof. Mallett has published two books and over 55 research papers, book chapters, and technical assistance training briefs.

We encourage you to learn more about Professor Mallett's research, and to take a look at our previous Featured Researcher Videos.

CSU Scholar News

Prof. Steve Taysom is an associate professor in the Department of Philosophy and Comparative Religion, where he has taught since 2009. Prof. Taysom's research focuses on the history of religion in America, with a special emphasis on "marginal" religious groups in the nineteenth century. He has published numerous articles on how groups such as Mormons and Shakers benefited from maintaining "high tension" with the broader American culture. Prof. Taysom's first book compares and contrasts the boundary-maintenance strategies of Mormons and Shakers in the nineteenth century. This research seeks to uncover why marginal religious groups often choose to remain on the fringes of American culture even when other options are available. He also edited a collection of essays dealing with alternative American religions. Most recently, his article on the interplay between Mormon rituals of exorcism and American culture from 1820-1977 was accepted in Religion and American Culture: A Journal of Interpretation, which is one of the top journals in the field of American religious history.

Prof. Taysom currently has two book projects under contract. One is a scholarly/cultural biography of Joseph F. Smith, a major religious figure in the American West in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Prof. Taysom's other book project is a study of the relationship among nativism, violence in antebellum America, and the 1844 murder of Joseph Smith.

Prof. Taysom is a Fellow in the Young Scholars of American Religion program. This program, sponsored by the Center for the Study of Religion and American Culture at Indiana University and the Eli Lilly Foundation, brings together 10 of the most promising early-career scholars in the field of American religious history for twice-yearly meetings on innovative scholarship and teaching. Prof. Taysom's research agenda is driven by a commitment to study religion as an academic subject rather than a strictly devotional subject, and to demonstrate the importance of applying cultural study theories and methods to the historical data of religion in America.

News from the Technology Transfer Office

Lee Patent: The Patent Review Committee approved an invention disclosure by Prof. Moo-Yeal Lee, an assistant professor in the Department of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering. Prof. Lee's invention is titled Microarray 3D Bioprinting for Miniaturized Tissue Engineering and Disease Modeling. Prof. Lee's technology includes a method for bioprinting miniature 3D human tissues, such as liver tissues, as well as a method for rapidly screening drug candidates in-vivo. Prof. Lee's technology is also the subject of a recently-submitted NIH R01 proposal.

Start-Up Companies: I-Corps@Ohio will be offered on a competitive basis to evaluate the commercial potential of the innovations of Ohio faculty and graduate students. In addition to receiving an award of $15,000, I-Corps@Ohio teams will develop scalable business models to attract seed, angel, and venture funding to support company formation and market entry. Team registration and executive summary submissions will be accepted from January 4th through February 7th, 2016. Applicants will then be selected to submit a formal proposal. For additional information please review the recently released RFP or contact the Technology Transfer Office.

USRA, DRA, FRD, and FSI Funding

The Office of Research is pleased to announce the call for proposals for the following 2016-2017 internal funding programs.

Undergraduate Summer Research Award (USRA)
Dissertation Research Award (DRA)
Faculty Research and Development (FRD)
Faculty Scholarship Initiative (FSI)
submission deadline February 5, 2016
submission deadline March 11, 2016
submission deadline March 11, 2016
submission deadline March 11, 2016

The DRA and FSI programs have significantly changed since last year and now allow summer salary. In order to assist in the preparation of successful applications, the evaluation forms that will be used to evaluate the proposals are included at the above web sites. For more information, please contact Joy Yard, 687-9364,, or Dan Simon, 687-5171,

EngagedScholarship@CSU Joins SHARE Notification System

EngagedScholarship@CSU has recently become a SHARE (SHared Access Research Ecosystem) content provider. New research deposited in EngagedScholarship@CSU can now be accessed through the SHARE discovery layer alongside other digital repositories such as those found at MIT, Duke, Kent State, PubMed Central, ICPSR, and many others. SHARE currently includes about 80 content providers.

SHARE works with funding agencies to maximize research impact by making a comprehensive inventory of research widely discoverable, accessible, and reusable. The SHARE initiative aims to ensure the preservation of, access to, and reuse of research output, and to enable the research community to build on those assets in creative and unforeseen ways. To fulfill this mission, SHARE has developed a free, open data set of research and scholarly activities.

Metadata from CSU's institutional repository, EngagedScholarship@CSU, is harvested nightly into the SHARE database to allow broad access to CSU research publications, data, and other research output. To learn more, visit the SHARE webpage or browse the SHARE database.


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